Hi there! I'm Bartosz Kajdas, a dedicated Science-Tech Venture Building Expert, B2B-Pitchtrainer, Author at Springer Verlag, and Podcaster.

From a young age, I’ve been driven by a passion for understanding how things work and a relentless desire to improve them. This passion has shaped my career, guiding me through various ventures, always focusing on small, constant improvements that make a significant difference over time.

My journey began as a Startup & Innovation Consultant at TU Darmstadt, where I honed my skills in fostering innovation and supporting startups. During this time, I founded a podcast called “Working With Startups from Science” and launched the platform “,” giving scientists a platform to speak.

Becoming an author @Springer Gabler Verlag

Following my role at TU Darmstadt, I continued my consulting work at Heidelberg University, where I supported startups and drove innovation initiatives. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic provided an opportunity to document my experiences and insights, culminating in the publication of my book, “Überzeugende Startups Pitches,” which offers a comprehensive guide to effective pitch training for science-tech startups.


Originally, STARTUPS FROM SCIENCE was a website hosting my podcast, “Working with Startups from Science.” Over time, the content and appearance evolved significantly.
Today, STARTUPS FROM SCIENCE is a comprehensive platform for scientists and researchers seeking coaching, education, information, and funding.

It serves as a valuable resource for those looking to turn their scientific ideas into successful startups. By providing a range of services and support, STARTUPS FROM SCIENCE helps bridge the gap between scientific research and entrepreneurial success.

The Migrant Accelerator

In 2022, I Co-Initiated with Laila Zohaib “The Migrant Accelerator“, a program dedicated to helping founders from migrant and underrepresented communities conceptualize, validate, and scale their startup ideas in Germany.

After leaving Heidelberg University in October 2023, I embarked on new ventures. I began offering specialized ghostwriting services about entrepreneurship, consulting, and grant writing. By limiting my services to a few clients, I ensure each project receives the attention and expertise it deserves, resulting in compelling narratives that resonate with audiences and elevate professional stature.


Simultaneously, I founded Pitch-Competition-Alert, a service designed to help startups capitalize on funding and networking opportunities. Check out my Pitch-Competition-Alert Newsletter on my website

At the heart of all my activities is a love for building automatic systems and a drive for continuous improvement. Whether it’s running my company, writing a book, or mentoring others, I am always looking for ways to make things work better. This relentless pursuit of excellence fuels my journey and keeps me motivated every day.

Let’s connect and explore how we can work together to achieve great things.

Best regards,