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Media Training for Scientists and Startups

Scientists are playing an increasingly important role in the media. They appear in traditional TV and radio formats, as well as online in podcasts and on video platforms like YouTube. The demands on researchers are rising as they need to explain complex issues simply, contextualize facts and events, and take a stand, all while being in the spotlight. Cameras and microphones act like magnifying glasses, adding an extra challenge, whether in the studio or during a video conference interview.

Who is this training for?

Our media training is specifically designed for scientists and science-based startups who want to improve their media presence. Whether you regularly give interviews, deliver presentations, or present scientific content on social media, this training is for you.

Benefits of the Training

Improved Presentation Skills

Learn how to clearly and effectively communicate your research findings.

Increased Visibility

Enhance your presence in the media and on platforms like YouTube or Spotify.

Professional Appearance

Gain confidence and appear more professional in front of the camera and microphone.

Training Content

Module 1: Science Meets Media – Knowing What is Needed

  • Introduction to the basics of science communication and public relations.
  • Understanding the media landscape and journalists’ needs.

Module 2: Microphone On – Convincing with Your Voice

  • Techniques to improve voice control and articulation.
  • Practical exercises for voice control and usage in different media formats.

Module 3: Camera Rolling – Using Your Presence Consciously

  • Tips and tricks for a confident appearance in front of the camera.
  • Analysis and feedback on body language and non-verbal signals.

Module 4: Finding the Core Message – Conveying Knowledge Concisely

  • Developing clear and concise core messages.
  • Methods to simplify complex content for effective communication.

Module 5: Engaging the Audience – What Does the Target Group Need?

  • Identifying the target audience and tailoring communication strategies.
  • Practical exercises on audience engagement and interaction.

Module 6: Experiencing Formats – From Audio Podcasts to Live TV

  • Hands-on exercises in various media formats, including podcasts and YouTube videos.
  • Developing interview techniques and statements for different platforms.


Bartosz Kajdas has been at the forefront of science communication since 2019, hosting his own podcast “Working With Startups From Science” where he interviews leading figures from various scientific disciplines.

His podcast is renowned for its in-depth and engaging conversations that make complex scientific topics accessible to a broader audience. In addition to his podcast, Bartosz has been involved in several YouTube formats, bringing his expertise in visual storytelling and media production to the platform.

His experience in both audio and video media makes him an invaluable resource for scientists looking to enhance their media presence.

Bartosz’s practical insights and firsthand knowledge of the media landscape ensure that our participants receive relevant and up-to-date training. His ability to break down intricate scientific concepts into digestible content is a key component of our training program, helping scientists to communicate their work more effectively to the public.

Testimonials and Success Stories

The media training, particularly the sessions with Bartosz Kajdas, transformed how I present my research. His practical tips and personalized feedback were crucial in improving my media skills.” – Dr. Anna Müller, Biochemist

Discover how Bartosz Kajdas and our team have helped other scientists and startups improve their media presence and achieve their communication goals. Through practical exercises, video and audio analyses, and personalized feedback, our training has empowered participants to confidently engage with media platforms, from podcasts to YouTube videos.

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