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Hello and welcome to this very special episode of Working with Startups from Science. It’s my second episode in English, and I’m really excited about this interview! Many episodes of my podcast are in German, but if you want to hear more episodes about startups from science in English, feel free to drop me an email at I’m always looking for your feedback!

In this episode, I have the honor and pleasure of speaking with Georg Fischer, Chief Product Manager at SAP and a part-time coach and lecturer for business innovation and transformation. Georg has extensive experience in successfully managing diverse and distributed teams, and he actively coaches companies and individuals in Europe, the USA, and Latin America, with a focus on NGO’s and Social Start-Ups.

During our conversation, we delved into the entrepreneurial spirit and how to teach an entrepreneurial mindset. Georg shares his insights on how to become a better entrepreneur, drawing on his extensive coaching and leadership experience.

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